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Yes, I know it has been a few weeks, yet again, that I have been online with a new sermon.

Yet again, life has gotten in the way, but this time, we have moved to a new town and I have been without the use of my computer and Internet.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I started moving to Delphi, Indiana, about and hour and a half from where we were living, and of course, there are still things in boxes, lost things that still are to be found and most importantly, we finally have our Internet back and my computer has been found, so hopefully, in another week or so, we should be back together (mostly) enough to get back to near normal again.

We will continue our online ministry and will get back into the groove again soon.  I don’t know exactly when yet, but soon I hope!

There will be some changes, as this downtime has given me pause for thought.  I won’t go into any details yet, but rest assured, we will be back and I think you will enjoy what is coming!

Keep looking for us and before you know it, we will be back!

Be a blessing and be blessed!
Dr. Rob White, Minister

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