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By Rev. Dr. Robert White 1 month ago
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Recently, we have had some issues with Facebook Live (I know, who would’ve thunk!).  So, for the past few weeks, my wife, Carol, has been doing the Facebook Live on her timeline at https://www.facebook.com/carol.garrison.52 and I have been sharing her video on the AULC Page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/aulcyourchurchonline/ so that the page can stay, fairly updated.  I have been unable to do a good Facebook Live session at Ben Hur Nursing Home in the afternoons, do to a signal issue within the facility.  For this reason, I have not had an afternoon session for some time now.

I have been able to get the videos online earlier in the day, due to recording them at our 9:30am Worship Service.  Normally, I can have the videos online before 4:00pm on Sundays now.

We will continue to work on this technology and will eventually find a way to make it work.  We are looking at other streaming services that will do the same thing as Facebook Live, just not on Facebook.  As always, we will continue to keep you updated!

Be a Blessing and Be Blessed!

Rev. Dr. Rob White

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