Where Did Facebook Live Sermons Go To?

By Rev. Dr. Robert White 4 weeks ago
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This is a question that many have asked recently, after not seeing the weekly Facebook Live sermons on Sundays.  There is a good explanation and I will try to explain it here today.

The Facebook Live sermons are still being posted, however, they are not on the https://www.facebook.com/robwhiteus Facebook page any longer, but has actually moved to the Athens Universal Life Church page  that was originally created for this purpose.  We have also created a special page on our web site for visitors that does not have access to Facebook, so that they too, can enjoy the Facebook Live sermons as well.

When you visit Our Facebook Live page, you will be able to watch the live sermons and see the recorded versions as well.  This way, you don’t have to be on Facebook, just to catch our live sermons.

Our AULC Church App has been updated and another update is scheduled to come out soon as well.  Our current app gives you direct access to most of the features found on our web site, including the Facebook Live page that I was just talking about.  Our app is for Android users only for now, however, we are working on a IOS version for the iPhone.  We will let you know when that is released.

So, in short, the Facebook Live sermons have not went away, just moved to a different page!  You have several options available as well as picking up our videos from Vimeo that are archived on our site in our Recent Sermons page.

Be a Blessing and Be Blessed!

Rev. Dr. Rob White

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