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By Rev. Dr. Robert White 2 years ago
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It has been a while since I have reported in on our 24 Hour Internet Radio Station on TuneIn Radio.  A few weeks ago, we went through and pulled everything off (some of the content was over two years old) and we replaced it with new content.  Last year, in 2015, we started a 32 week sermon series call “The Story” by Randy Frazee.  We put all 32 weeks of sermons on the radio station and then followed it up with our current 30 week sermon series, also by Randy Frazee, the followup to “The Story” called “Believe”.  Included with each sermon, you will hear the audio from the series videos that go along with each week’s topic.  In the “Believe” series, I have also added music videos once again, so that there is music on the station once again.

Speaking of music, the great thing about having an Internet Radio Station is, that you can get some great content and music for your station.  Thank to our CCLI Streaming licensing, this permits us to feature songs from yesteryear and from today, in the Contemporary and Gospel music realms.

Not too long ago, I was approached by a young man, by email, asking me to list some of his indie music on our radio station.  This is something I have done in the past, however, with people that I had personally met and heard.  In any case, this young man sent me links to his web site, where I can listen to his music, so my wife and I sat down one afternoon and we liked what we heard!

Brother Timothy Clark was his name.  I have put three of his songs in our lineup and they can be heard between the “Believe” series and “The Story” series.

This young man’s story is a good read.  You can visit his web site at https://timothyclarkmusic.wordpress.com/ and listen to his music and read his bio there.

If you want to skip direct to listening to his music, you can do that at http://brothertimothyclark.bandcamp.com/

I won’t tell any more of his story here, please visit his web site to find out more!  You will be glad you did!

Oh, one more thing…(spoiler!), he is a blind singer songwriter!  The gift that God has given him, really shows in his singing!

Be a Blessing and Be Blessed!
Rev. Dr. Rob White, Senior Pastor
Athens Universal Life Church

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