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February 19th, 2017
"People of Prayer Are People of Blessing"

Jesus received the blessing of Spirit and word while at prayer after his baptism, modeling for us that prayer is one of God's vehicles for blessing.

App Development

We develop apps for Android and iPhone smartphones for churches and other ministries. We can even develop an app for your business or personal web site.

Weddings and Funerals

We offer several services for weddings, that can meet almost any budget. Funeral services are also provided for those families that might not have a church home and even those who do!

Bible Studies

We offer Bible Studies every Wednesday Evening at Ben Hur Nursing Home in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Everyone is welcome to join us!

24 Hour Internet Radio Station

Our TuneIn Radio Station is online 24 hours a day and accessible by your PC or smartphone, no matter where you are! All of our recent sermons and music is available on our radio station.

Live Sermon Videos

We offer each one of our weekly sermons on video and audio podcasts, along with a Facebook Live session on Sunday Afternoons, and access to ALL of our sermons, past and present, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling is available to anyone in need. If you feel you need to speak to a minister, please feel free to contact us to talk.

Rev. Dr. Rob White

Senior Pastor

After leaving his last church when they closed the doors, Rev. White planted Athens Universal Life Church and has been the Senior Pastor here and at The Ben Hur Nursing Home leading both an online congregation and the residential congregation since 2012.

Carol White

Associate Pastor

Carol took on the role of pastor's wife when she married Rev. White in 2015.  She has since taken a strong role in the ministry and is a driving force in all of our services.

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